Прыжок В Постель / Hopla pa sengekanten / Jumpin’ at the Bedside (1976)

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Название: Прыжок В Постель
Оригинальное название: Hopla pa sengekanten / Jumpin’ at the Bedside
Год выхода: 1976
Жанр: Эротическая Комедия
Продолжительность: 01;37;28
Страна: Дания
Языки: Датский
Режиссеры: John Hilbard
В ролях: Soltoft, Vivi Rau, Soren Stromberg

Адам уделять много внимания своей работе, но мало своей жене. Когда он должен выполнять свои супружеские обязанности в постели, он сразу же засыпал. И продолжается это довольно большой промежуток времени. May в голову приходит идея развлекаться со всеми кому не лень… Но друзья Адама берут дело в свои руки,чтобы спасти супругов и заставить их интимно сблизится…

The Mazurka team are at it again. Their lead favorite, Ole Soltoft plays the same kind of idiot he did in the Mazurka films, another business conscious guy who doesn’t know a great thing when he’s got it. Soltoft’s wife here, is that great thing. Believe me, when you see her, you’ll agree. She’s a delight. Seeing as how hubby hasn’t been keeping up his end of the bargain, she seeks employment at an escort agency, that caters mostly to the older clientele, one youngie, a stutterer. She’s a treat to watch, half naked running along the beach and buying ice cream. She’s told the neglecting hubby, she works in a sewing factory. And of course, Soltoft believes her. Again in this, he’s just fun to watch, but his hot number wife is more fun. She really craves sex, and who can blame her. A funny incident arises in a bathroom scene, where one guy tries to cheat her, but he gets his own back when he’s pounded on by a few of them. The wife is so innocently sweet as she is delicious hot, she’s one in a million. Soltoft’s associates hires these girls from the same escort agency, so sit back and wait to see what unfolds. Not in the same class in the Mazurka films, this is still quite sexy and funny film. The wife, definitely one good reason. The other, Soltoft. Anything with him in, is funny. Again he ends up, in another uncompromising position. Oh Ole, you got it so tough.



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