Donzumari benki / Helpless and Reckless (2012)

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Titles: Donzumari benki / Helpless and Reckless / Toilet and Women
Year: 2012
Categories: Pinku Indie Drama
Runtime: 01;18;54
Countries: Japan
Languages: Japanese
Directors: Haruhi Oguri
Cast: Hideyuki Arai, Yuko Date, Mitsue Fukumoto

Narumi, who has an aggressive personality, stabbed her colleague and went to prison. After serving her time, Narumi is released and goes back to her hometown where she grew up. Narumi goes to her younger brother Kei’s home. At a young age, their parents died in a accident and Kei is the only one left Narumi can rely on. After Narumi sees Kei and his girlfriend Kana living together happily, Narumi decides to take her brother back. Narumi reveals a secret between her and Kei.

Video: DVDRip, MKV, AVC, H.264, 704×384, 1012 kb/s
Audio: AAC, 2 ch, 128 kb/s
Size: 628 MB


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