Love and Bruises (2011)

In Paris, the Chinese university student Hua is dumped by her lover. Hua wanders on the streets and the French worker Mathieu accidentally hits her face with the pipes that he is carrying on his shoulder. Mathieu apologizes to Hua and invites her to have dinner with him. When they leave the restaurant, Mathieu rapes her and then he accompanies Hua home. Hua is a promiscuous and submissive woman and she has one night stand with Mathieu. The unlike couple falls begin a relationship based on a strong sexual desire. The insecure Mathieu decides to test Hua’s fidelity and his friend Giovanni also rapes her. Their troubled relationship ends when Hua finds secrets about Mathieu’s life and decides to return to China.

Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Directed by
Ye Lou Writing Credits
Ye Lou … (screenplay) &
Liu Jie Falin … (screenplay)Cast (in credits order)
Corinne Yam Corinne Yam … Hua
Tahar Rahim Tahar Rahim … Mathieu
Jalil Lespert Jalil Lespert … Giovanni
Vincent Rottiers Vincent Rottiers … Eric
Sifan Shao Sifan Shao … Liang Bin
Patrick Mille Patrick Mille … Thierry
Songwen Zhang Songwen Zhang … Ding Yi (as Zhang Songwen)

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